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Tips on choosing the right camp for your child





When choosing a camp for your child, keep in mind that you are entrusting your most precious gift to basically strangers.

This is a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly.  Here are some tips in choosing a camp:



  • Make sure you take a tour of the camp your child will attend.  Meet the director/owner of the camp.  Find out how much summer camp experience the Director has.  Ask many questions to find out as much information as you can about the Directors and the camp.
  • Feel comfortable with the director/owner.  If you get a bad vibe, trust your instinct.  The Director should make you feel welcome and comfortable sending your child to their camp.
  • Camp is a family consisting of campers, parents and staff.  Sending your child to camp, should feel like dropping your child at the home of a family member.
  • Find out if strangers are allowed on the property, when camp is in session.  See if roads leading into camp are closed when camp is in session.
  • Are you looking for an activity specific camp? (ie. sports, dance, computer etc.) Find out what experience the leaders of the activities have.
  • Does your child have special medical needs?  For example, most camps are qualified to take care of an insulin dependent child, who can do their own testing and take their own shots, if needed.  If your child needs assistance monitoring their situation, you have to make sure there is qualified medical staff at the camp you choose.   Every situation is different, so ask questions.






It seems growing up before the 90’s was a much simpler time.  There weren’t pressures that the children have today.  Children today are required to know certain things, even before entering Kindergarten.  Recess time is slowly being taken away and television, computer, cell phones, iPods and other devices seems to be taking control of us.


 What ever happened to:

             •Face-to-face socialization skills?

           •Playing outside with your friends?

           •Exploring new territory?

           •Trying a new sport?

           •Making up games with your friends?

           •Exercising and not even knowing because you’re having too much fun playing capture the flag!


Today, in most households, both parents have to work and the streets aren’t safe for children to play outside, unsupervised.  Sending your child to camp gives them a safe place to learn Life Long Skills, they cannot get anywhere else, but camp.  Sure camp is fun and we play all day long, but underneath all the fun, campers are learning important skills that will help them throughout life.


Camp teaches:


                           •respect of others

                           •respect of nature




                           •caring for others



Camp enables children to:


                                          •try new games they otherwise never would not have

                                          •make new friends

                                          •be a part of a team

                                          •socialize with many different personalities

                                          •have role models


                                          •learn about themselves

                         •enhance communication skills

                                          •develop leadership skills


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