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Positions available:

LEADERS IN TRAINING (15 year old/entering the 10th grade)


COUNSELOR (16 years of age/entering the 11th grade and older)


LIFEGUARDS (16 years of age and older)


Characteristics we look for in all our positions

Reliable, honest, dependable, great personality, caring, mature, being a great role model for campers and staff, be able to follow direction and camp rules


Most of the time, our positions are the first job our prospective employees will have. It’s a great first job because it teaches responsibility, improves on social skills, self-confidence, self-esteem and you acquire skills that will be used throughout your life.

You will improve upon your social skills over a broad area by interacting with campers, staff members and parents. You will learn how to conduct yourself in a professional manner, while still having fun! You will also learn to appreciate nature, outdoors and the many different personalities we have at Our Kids and love! You will learn the stages of growth and what to expect at the different ages of our campers and staff.


We have employees that come back year after year and it’s not for the wages, but for the life lessons they acquire, which benefits them in their future careers. It’s hard to find employees because most camps cannot pay minimum wage. New York State doesn’t require minimum wage for camps because we wouldn’t be able to stay in business and offer affordable child care.

 We asked some of our employees to tell us why they came back to work at Our Kids each summer and here is what they and their parents had to say:


Benjamin Lamboy, Our Kids Day Camp camper since 2006 at the age of 6. Became a LIT, Counselor, Lifeguard, Head Lifeguard, Director. Ben is still employed at Our Kids Day Camp!

“The work environment is incredible and positive. You gain a lot of experience in leadership, cooperation and have real responsibilities, while having fun at the same time. You also learn how to deal with kids, which is very valuable. The friendships and memories are the reasons I keep coming back.”

Ben’s Mom, Rose Lamboy, wanted him to work at camp because she would rather see him having fun outdoors, making friends, learning quality skills to help him in his future.


Samantha Lefberg, Our Kids Day Camp camper since 1997 at the age of 6. Became a LIT, Counselor, Senior/Teen Director. Samantha left Our Kids in 2010 to become a Spanish teacher in Brooklyn. She still comes to visit us and will always be a part of our family.

“As a Leader in Training and even a counselor, it’s a rewarding summer experience. I think that’s why I kept coming back. I felt like I was learning social skills that helped pave the way for what I am doing now, as a teacher. You’re also taking on this leadership role and demonstrating responsibilities. Technically, LITs can use this as a community service for college applications.”

Samantha’s parents, Sharon and Robert Lefberg, sent her to camp and let her become a part of our staff because they knew how much camp meant to her. She had a sense of belonging. She would count down the days until orientation. Her parents knew she would become a teacher and working with kids was important. They also knew too many parents that allowed their children to stay inside. They were happy to see her outdoors and active.


Allison Robinson, Our Kids Day Camp camper since 2002, age 6. Allison became a LIT, Counselor and Senior/Teen Director, Assistant Camp Director

“Camp was always my happy place. I never wanted to be anywhere else. I counted down the days until I could go back, both as a camper and a counselor. It was a job with real responsibilities, but the fun made me forget that I was working. Working at Our Kids gave me a second family with the owners, staff and campers. I never wanted to become a teacher but working at camp helped me realize it was something I was really good at. It helped me pick a career path that works for me and that I love. I still have friends from camp years after they stopped going and I’m so thankful I was able to have a place that let me have fun, work, and grow as a person.”

Allison’s Mom, Kim, originally sent her to Our Kids because she and her husband Jim worked and didn’t want her sitting home wasting her summer away. They wanted Allison to have a fun filled and active summer, but it turned into something she loved and looked forward to it every summer. They let her work at Our Kids so she could still be busy, stay active and make memories. They felt there was plenty of time for adult responsibilities. Allison has made friends she will have for a lifetime and it was the best decision they ever made.


Our Kids Day Camp number 1 priority is to provide campers with a SAFE and FUN environment. In order to do this, our staff must attend 2 days orientation. You will learn:

Camp rules and regulations, organizational skills, conflict resolution, becoming a great role model, how to socialize with different age groups, communication skills, being creative with activities, becoming a part of a team, learning it’s ok to ask for help or ask any questions, no matter how silly you think they are, being silly is encouraged at Our Kids, having fun and smiling is mandatory







Lifeguards and swim instructors must have current certifications.  You must be at least 16 years old, when camp starts. If you want to be a lifeguard at Our Kids, we offer the class, for FREE, before camp begins. The class consists of online and in person training, totaling about 30 hours. You must pass the Pre-requisite skills:

300-yard swim, using freestyle and breast strokes

Tread water for 2 minutes (no hands)

Swim 20 yards, dive down 8 feet, pick up a 10lb. brick and bring it back 20 yards kicking on your back and holding the brick (no hands)

Characteristics of our lifeguards:

Be able to enforce all pool rules and take charge

Maintain a safe environment

Good personality

Able to deal with children of all ages

Be reliable, honest and dependable

Lifeguards must attend our staff 2-day orientation












Contact us:

Helen@okdc2. com


, Rose Lamboy, wanted him to work at camp because she would rather see him having fun outdoors, making friends, learning quality skills to help him in his future.